Guest presenting on the Ubuntu UK PodCast

I was a guest presenter on this weeks Ubuntu UK PodCast. I talked about Southackton, and IBM’s use of Ubuntu on the desktop.
Listen to the podcast at

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I am a Software Developer working for IBM, but a bit of a Ubuntu addict. I love cool tech toys, software and photography
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2 Responses to Guest presenting on the Ubuntu UK PodCast

  1. Thomas Simonsen says:

    Hi Anton.
    Great discussion on IBM internal use of Linux/open source stuff in the Ubuntu UK podcast :-)

    I loved it – had to go back and listen for a second time. “Brilliant” (as those guys would say).

    You described our IBM success story very well (more than 20.000 Linux users at this time – and growing!) while also giving interesting points on some of the difficulties of the grass root like efforts that often drive open source implementation.

    I’ll have to admit I felt rather proud to be a very small part of that IBM open source revolution that you spearhead – so I booted my RHEL 6.1 with a smile this morning – thanks to you :-)


    Thomas Simonsen
    (IBM Technology Architect, Denmark)

  2. Anton Piatek says:

    Thanks very much Thomas!

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