Just thought that you should know that there is an alarming new virus going around universities called “work”.

If you receive any sort of “work” at all whether via email by a fellow student. . . DO NOT OPEN IT.

This has been circulating around our campus for the last couple of weeks and those who have been tempted to open “work” or even look at “work” have found that their social life is deleted and their brain is corrupted permanently.

If you do encounter “work” via email or are faced with any “work” at all then use the special anti-virus code pick up any “work” you have attempted and burn it saying “fuck this for a game of soldiers I ‘m off to the Pub!”

The “work” should automatically be forgotten by your brain. If you receive “work” in paper-document form simply lift the document and drag the “work” to your rubbish bin. Put on your hat and coat and go to the nearest bar with two friends and order three pints of beer (or bottles of wicked).

After repeating this action 14 times you will find that “work” will no longer be of any relevance to you and that “Scooby Doo” was the greatest cartoon ever.

Send this message to everyone in your address book. If you do NOT have anyone in your address book then I’m afraid the “work” virus has already corrupted your life.

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