avoiding work

So I should really be working. Yes, i know it is Sunday, but web contract work can be done anytime, and I have time now…

The distraction of the hour is www.slashdot.org, and I have certainly found some interesting reading:

  • Virigin have launched a space flight company, and for $200,000 you can go to space in 2008. Space.com has an article.
  • A hacker has found some interesting vulnerabilities on hotel TV system. With a laptop with infrared (most have it) you can view other people’s bills, watch them check their email over their TV, or even write their email for them! Not to mention watch the premium content movies for free

Not bad reading actually… I wish I had $200k to go to space… Well, maybe i can find the $20,000 deposit now and then save up the other $180k by 2008?

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