While posting the Fosters photos above, I decided to check the submissions queue (on the bizarre offchance that somebody other than me wrote something for this site). Of course there was nothing there, but I did notice a link to moderating commetns. In there I found 2 comments by Shogun. Unfortunately because the internet is full of people with dishonerable intentions, anonymous comments need to be moderated… (Otherwise I get spam comments with nothing but links to viagra and online gambline sites. [Both together? :s ] )

Shogun: If you create an account (I know, creating accounts is painful) then comments *should* get posted straight away and be visible.

The other way is to just enable anonymous comments, and then for me to try and delete the spam… With other sites the amount of spam wasn’t very much, so maybe I should persue that option. In any case, I think I might need to play with the comments options and see what works best.

The past is a bully,
and the future is even worse
        – Goo Goo Dolls, Only One

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