Yesterday was my birthday!
How did I spend it? I spent the whole weekend watching films.

The first film I watched was Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning, which is available free for
download, so was very easy to get hold of!
It is a fan-paraody of start-treck and babylon 5. The special effects were very impressive, and apparently took 5 years to render on the desktops used for production. Overall I thought the storyline was not particularly clever, and as much as I like foreign films, the humor seemed to be lost in translastion. Don’t take my word for it, download it and see for yourself (how often do you see a legal movie download for free?!?)

While shopping, my girlfriend decided to buy Pride & Prejudice. Not the new holywood version but the original BBC series.
That is almost 5 and half hours of film. So can you guess what I thought of it (given it took my until this year to actually watch the whole of Titanic)

Can you belive that I really enjoyed it? It took me a while to actually get the characters names and faces fixed in my mind (especially as they call the oldest single daughter of a family Miss [familyname] and all younger daughters are called Miss [firstname]).
I thought the story was good, the characters were excellent and the acting was brilliant. In my eyes, it just goes to show that while the BBC does produce some crap TV, it also does produce some incredible masterpieces!

In the supermarked I also saw a film that I loved as a child, The Princess Bride saw I bought that on DVD for a mere fiver, and really enjoyed watching that.

And to finish the whole lot off (after watching Mallrats, which is possibly the best film by Kevin Smith
"They’re not there to shop. – They’re not there to work. – They’re just there"

For anyone bored with films, there is a wonderful article on the IBM Developer Works website which attempts to dubunk the myth that Java is slow, and that having a garbage collector (instead of doing memory management by hand) reduces the speed of your program.
I’d like to say here, that IBM seems to have invested a great deal of time and money into Java, and even produces their own optimised version of it. Most of their enterprise products have large portions written in java. Up until recently, the only thing I thought java was good for was toys on the web. Then I discovered the Azureus bittorrent client. They were the first real programs written in java. Now I am finding out that IBM uses it in just about everything they write! It seems that learning Java in uni was not just a useless buzzword!

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