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I have found a new tool, w.bloggar, which will hopefully mean more frequent blog updates. It is a blogging program, and all it does is allows me to write my posts offline in it, and then it can publish them when I am online again. It supports the xmlrpc which many blogging web software uses, so I could probably post to any large online blog.

I have started wondering about an internal blog at work. Several people have them, but to most are quite frankly boring [probably very much like this site is to anyone who is not me]. I cannot think of much I would really want to write about inside work that cannot be written outside on my personal blog. Of course I could get an external blog at work, but then I would have to think very carefully about what I write – I happen to like the anonymity of this blog, as I am more free to write about work and not get into trouble.

About 2 weeks ago I graduated. It was in the Royal Albert Hall, which was rather scary. 800 students were graduating with me (half of the year for first degrees), and heaven knows how many parents and family members.

Fireworks night was fun. Work actually had its own fireworks night on Friday, so I went along to that (via the pub) and then on to the pub with colleagues. It was great fun, but all ended when I missed the last train home, so had to find a sofa to sleep on.

Hung over the next day, I decided (after going home and back again with some sleep in the middle somewhere) that lighting fireworks would be a great idea for someone who is hungover. Thankfully by then I was no longer hungover, so I helped light a firework display with a mate from work. It was incredibly exciting.
When you are lighting fireworks and the guy setting them up says to you “I am worried about this one. Light it, but walk as fast as you can to the back of the yard. DO NOT RUN!” then you start wondering what exactly he is expecting the firework to do. At the same time it also show that he is not treating the explosives lightly, which is a good thing.
Thankfully the only casualties that night where the grass and the state of the back yard (not mine) as it now had firework rubble and packaging all over it.

[Listening to: Nine Inch Nails – Wish]

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