Why, oh why did I have to be 30 seconds late

I missed the nice train home. Now I am stuck with a train that takes almost two hours to get me home. If I had left the pub even 30 seconds earlier, I could have been on a train that would have taken almost half that time to get me back, and then would have got more than six hour sleep.

Suffice to say that the train service in the UK sucks. Big time.

I could have stayed on a sofa/floor here, but apart from not actually being home to see my girlfriend (who would no doubt be asleep even if I had caught the earlier train) I have been roped into bringing my camera and tripod for a team photo for everyone running the biggest school’s even in the company. I am more than happy to take a group photo, but the fact that I could have got more sleep otherwise is annoying.

In the pub tonight (ultimate frisbee social) was a guy who had seen my blog and was asking about software to use on his. The best part was the domain name he had just bought… WarningMayContainNuts.com
That is a domain that I wish I had bought, as it has to be one of the best domain names for a blog site I have ever seen. I cannot believe that it was actually available!

Work has been ok recently. I am annoyed with the quality of the software I am working with, especially with the state of the Interim Fixes that I am testing, Not only could the fixes have been prevented in the orginal realease (and should have been) but it takes 2 patches to solve the problem as the first patch does not fix the problem completely. It needs a second fix to correct the errors that the first one leaves!

Sometimes I wonder how people can seriously pay so much for software. It reminds me of a software testing book I got as reading for my job. It states that there are 3 things in the world that one should never ask too much about the process of manufacturing: hot dogs, laws and software. Now I know why…

Listening to: No use for a name – Sarah Fisher

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