In a talk at work yesterday by a senior manager about the review process used, the audience was asked about their watch. If you own an analogue watch (do not look at it), and it has roman numerals, how would you suppose that the number 4 is written on it.
IV right?
Wrong… IIII

This is apparently a common psychological demo/experiment, as most people have no idea what is actually written on their watch, even though the look at it many times a day. At this talk, about 20 or so people put their hands up for IV, whereas only 3 (including me, and I had been told about this thing only two weeks earlier) put their hands up for IIII.

Apparently the reasoning for this is not that you might get it mixed up with VI (six), as that would be quite silly as you should be able to figure which way round your watch goes. IV apparently has an alternate meaning of Jupiter or God. Now why that is a problem on a clock I am not sure, but presumably people were worried by the fact that it was a Roman god (Jupiter was a roman god, wasnt he?)

Anyway, that is my random fact for the year (well… I will probably spew forth some more bullshit soon)

Listening to: Nothing… My iPod is flat 🙁

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