Sony rootkit helps trojans hide on your pc

Well, Sony’s rootkit copy protected cd’s are now being used to hide trojans.
The copy protection they use installs a rootkit on your windows
computer, which allows Sony to protect your cd by interfering with the
way Windows works. The rootkit hides certain files from not just the
user in Windows, but even from antivirus programs. This obviously
allows virus writers to write viruses that can easily escape detection.

the rootkit is difficult too, as it has no uninstall and simply
deleting the file will break your computer and stop it booting.

There is a list of cd’s which have this protection, and the sooner Sony stops using it the better. The list of cd’s actually has some nice info on how to spot the protected cd’s so that you can avoid destroying your computer.

Why have Sony done this? They seem to think that their copyright is more important than your rights or your computer’s security. As such they are being sued for the software under several Californian computer laws, designed to protect people’s computer security and privacy.

Perhaps not the best business move for Sony. Eh?

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