US Keeps Control of the Internet

So while getting my daily dose of slashdot
US Keeps Control of the InternetAdam Schumacher writes "As a result of a a deal reached late Tuesday, the US and ICANN will maintain control over the Internet’s core systems. A new body will be created to provide international oversight, which will, of course, have no binding authority."

The most interesting part of this article was the comments. Slashdot isn’t known for a large amount of intelligence in comments, and this shows it. Most comments are along the lines os "we built it. We should control it".
The problem with this argument is that they do not own it, most of it in fact is outside the US, and run by other companies in foreign companies. The article refers only to the naming of servers, which can be changed by any country that wants to set up its own naming servers, but will wreak havoc on the internet. It is really in the interest of the US to get the world involved with the running of the internet.
After all, the world wide web was invented in Switzerland by CERN

The attitude of people on slashdot really annoys me. These are the people that think that the average American is stupid and want to believe that they are different from the stereotype. But are they really?
Read the comments for yourself and see how everyone can conform to a stereotype in the right situation…

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