Screech. Yelp. Splat!

Waiting for the bus this evening, in the freezing cold, a cyclist crossed onto the road followed by a small fluffy dog. At fiirst I thought the dog was following the cyclist, but it became evident that it was chasing him. Unfortunately it got bored and decided to just run down the middle of the oncoming lane.

It was followed by its owner with a large fluffy dog, and met shortly with a car. I could visualise the car going too fast and skidding, catching the dog with a wheel. All I could do was stand there, I was almost paralysed.
Luckily for the dog, its owner ran out into the road and the car stopped. The dog ran onto the pavement and seemed to be thinking about playing chicken with the next oncoming car.

Why the hell it wasn’t on a lead I do not know, but I really hope the owner caught it before it got ran over around the corner…

Ulitmate practice was really good, despite a turnout of only 6.
It was rather tiring, but it felt good to do some exercise. I really need to get into the habbit of going to both weekly sessions to get my fitness back up, as I am shockingly unfit at the moment. Hopefully the indoor football tournament I have entered into (yes I am crap at that, but it is only for a laugh) will help with that too.

3 "Travel safe officers" have just walked down the tube carriage. Why a train with only 3 coaches needs 3 officers I have no idea. Especially as the 10 carriage trains I often catch only have the one guard (well, maybe 2).

I am currently obsessed with Adema. They are a really good heavy metal band, and a lot of their songs are not too thrashy so as to become an earful. The lyrics are good, and so is every other part of the band. I strongly reccomend you check them out if you get the chance.

I really must update my stylesheets a bit, as well as settle on the choice of WYSIWYG editor for this site. I have 2 that work quite well, but one seems to actually let me set up my own tags properly, which is important as neither come with a nice blockqoute setup, and quoting is something that I cannot resist doing.

Shogun – I want to put a rss feed of your blog on my site, just the last 2/3 headlines. You want to make a feed available for me?

Listening to: Lost Prophets – Last Summer

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