Slowly does it…

So it has been quite a while since I have posted anything (although I have put a few links and an awesome movie clip). Even shogun has posted since christmas (No offence intended mate, but we both suck at regular posts…)

I will not bore you with christmas present lists, but I did get a huge jar of Nutella (3Kg in fact), and will post a photo of it for sheer impact later.

Lost has finished, so I am short of one awesome TV program to watch, but I suppose I will make do with a new series of Shameless and Desperate housewives as well as borrowing the complete set of Stargate SG1.

I did get an awesome selection of books for christmas (see the list of top 10 geek books. I have already read iRobot, by Isaac Assimov. It is rather unlike the hollywood film of the same name, but is an awesome read – especially if you are interested in the idea of A.I. robots taking over the world. It is more like a collection of short stories, but has some incredible insights into how controlling robots with the usual 3 laws of robotics would fail to work.

I also read Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, which I must strongly reccomend to anyone that likes some good fiction. It has to be one of my favourite books, and the author will most certainly be getting some of my hard earned cash for another book – all I have to do is decide which one!

My game idea is coming along incredibly slowly due to other projects and work. I am trying to get cajun packaged up as a Debian package so that it is not only easier to install, but I am also tempted to make a Debian install CD specifically for installing it.
Speaking of Cajun, I now own a Dremel so am hacking away the front of my pc case to give it a wooden cover and make it look a bit nicer in the living room – it is coming along slowly though… I am also looking at making some changes to the software, one of which will most certainly have to be a new remote control module, as the current one is almost backward to set up. Then I will have a nice jukebox sat in my living room (and maybe one day I will give it movie playback and the ability to record from TV like a PVR/sky+)

I am also working on a new photo album program. Don’t get me wrong, I love Gallery and will continue using it here, but I cannot fit all my photos on this server, and as they are all automatically backed up to my parents house, I figured that having a program trawl through them and make an automatic gallery of them would be far easier than trying to add new ones to Gallery every time I go on a photo shoot.

While I think of it, I want to reccomend a firefox plugin (you do use firefox don’t you?
You really must install session saver plugin, as it not only remembers your tabs when you exit firefox (so when you open it it is like you never closed it), but it also lets you re-open a tab in case you accidentally close it! Now how useful is that?!

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