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One of the speakers we had at Blue Fusion gave a wonderful talk on the mind. He went on about interfacing computers directly with the brain and similar ideas, but the most amazing bit was when he side tracked into … Continue reading

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Revolution’s Horsepower

There is an article over on IGN about the Nintendo Revolution’s Horsepower. As you cannot buy a next-gen console without buying an IBM chip, it is interesting to see how Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft are playing their cards. Nintendo is … Continue reading

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So I updates WordPress, Gallery and the plugin that joins the two, hoping that nothing would break… Well, all hell broke loose. First of all, gallery decided not to let me in with my admin login nor reset any passwords, … Continue reading

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Moving a blog

No, I am not moving, but a friend is… From Blogger to WordPress. The Lost Oupost has moved, and it raises some interesting questions. Such as how do you get everything moved? The posts and comments are just some hacking … Continue reading

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Free Pizza & New Friends

The good news is I get free pizza at work today… The bad news is I get it at 6.30pm. I have to work late, and am not really liking the idea but am amazed it has taken 6 months … Continue reading

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Digital photography – RAW vs JPG

I known several people, including a new friend from work Andy Piper who will tell you that shooting digital photos in JPG is like throwing away your negatives with a film camera. I personally have not seen any reason to … Continue reading

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