Free Pizza & New Friends

The good news is I get free pizza at work today… The bad news is I get it at 6.30pm.

I have to work late, and am not really liking the idea but am amazed it has taken 6 months for it to happen. I currently have a break in my testing, for various reasons, so thought I would introduce a few blogs I have recently started reading:

  • – A colleague from work. Joined at the same time as me but working in a completely different area (Web services I think)
  • The lost outpost – A new friend I met through Blue Fusion last week. Also works for IBM, but works up in Southbank mostly (though I am not entirely sure what he does)
  • eight bar – A blog of several people from Hursley Labs (also including Andy Piper, of The Lost Outpost). Some really interesting posts, mostly on Emerging Technology and Pervasive Computing. See the following posts for more info

I am thinking of getting involved with all the emerging technology stuff, as my old XDA would be perfect for playing with it (assuming its battery lasts long enough), and so you may see some interesting posts from me after all…

update: 22:27

Well, we have done a whole pile more testing. One developer came in to write a fix for the installer. A build is supposed to kick off at midnight in order to produce a new version to do final checks on tomorrow and give us new real cd’s and dvd’s to verify…

Worth a pizza ?

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