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About Time

It is certainly about time I wrote a new post… Easter was fun, photos from a trip to birdworld near Farnham to come soon, along with a whole set of sorted photos (you may have noticed I deleted almost all … Continue reading

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Firefox plugins

There is a fairly good guide to Firefox plugins and I would certainly recommend the Session Saver, adblock, and web developer tabs he suggests as they are all incredible

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Are Software Patents Evil?

I just read this wonderful article: Are Software Patents Evil? and encourage anyone with an interest in the issue to do so too. I won’t spoil the read, but it certainly has opened my eyes to may issues regarding software … Continue reading

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Stallman’s talk at the ANU

All about Linux: The unabridged selective transcript of Richard M Stallman’s talk at the ANU is a copy of RMS’s views on the naming of GNU/Linux, the DMCA, DRM, Java, Opensource and is quite an interesting read if you are … Continue reading

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I should have been a mechanic

I bought a new chain for my motorcycle online, and was planning on fitting it myself. When it arrived I found it was just a long piece of chain, like a piece of rope, not a loop as I was … Continue reading

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