Goodbye London

So a week (and a bit) ago I left London…

 I now live in Southampton, and am rather happy about it. I now have a garden, more space to live in, cheaper rent/beer/food/etc. and most of all it only takes me 15-20 min to get into work most days (as opposed to the 1:30-1:45 it used to take me).

It is wierd any time I go back to London, but I am sure that will wear off after a while.

After 4 years in London, there are still plenty of things I wish I had done while there. Go the more theatre shows, more museums, more galleries etc. I will probably see more of London, now that I have left it, than I did while i was living there as I will make the most of any trip to the capital (you have to with the prices of train tickets).

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