mplayer does not like my wireless

I don’t know if it is the wpa encryption, or just the extra latency of wireless, but mplayer plays funnily over my new wireless lan.

I figured out how to make mplayer work mplayer -cache 4096 certainly made it work, but did mean several seconds longer startup as it had to cache another 4Mb of data before beginning playback. I could put that option in my mplayer config file and then I won’t have to type it, but it is not the proper solution. Really I want the mounted network filesystem to do some read ahead caching for the data, but I have no idea whether samba can do it (I certainly cannot find an option for it).

I suppose I could look at using nfs to share my files (this is between 2 linux machines after all) but have never done much with nfs, so don’t know if it will actually work any better.

Anyone know a samba option or used nfs much?

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