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Getting a WMP56G pci wifi card working under debian etch

So I got my card working not long ago, then went and bought a amd64 pc and had to do it all again. It wasn’t a walk in the park last time, and this time the driver would compile but … Continue reading

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RFID passports secure?

If you thought the new UK RFID passports are secure, then you need to see the following article which says otherwise: Cracked it! – Guardian Unlimited Suffice to say, I will be carrying mine in a foil wallet when I … Continue reading

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nvidia in debian

Since I last had to install the nvidia drivers in debian, things have changed a bit. It used to be fiddly to get the nvidia drivers installed, but if you are running etch (or later) you should just be able … Continue reading

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Why beauty is only screen deep

If you thought that the models you see in ads were born beautiful, perhaps you should watch this… Evolution – A Dove Film – Google Video Now, if only I could do that sort of stuff in photoshop. Sadly I … Continue reading

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Ugly veg competition

I had no idea that the UK has an ugly vegetable competition

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RSS feed broken

Apologies if you have been unable to view the RSS feed. It turns out one of my plugins had some whitespace at the end of it and some feed readers do not like an empty line at the top of … Continue reading

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