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Cheap Glasses

An Australian, a Kiwi and South African are in a bar one night having a beer. All of a sudden the South African drinks his beer, throws his glass in the air, pulls out a gun and shoots the glass … Continue reading

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Beryl on Debian Etch

I spent today playing with Beryl and getting it running on Debian Etch. Beryl is a fork from Compiz and similar to XGL, and if you do not know what is is, have a look on google video or wikipedia. … Continue reading

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OpenOffice across NFS

I used to use samba for sharing files on my home network (most of my data is on a “server”) but it seemed to have nasty problems with wireless. It turns out NFS copes far better and allows mp3’s to … Continue reading

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Varying times of sunsets and sunrises

I have wondered for ages whether the times of sunset and sunrise are equally spaced around the solstice’s. It turns out they are not. The author has also linked to a far more thorough explanation by John Wholtz, which is … Continue reading

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Living the social life

The last few days have seen two socials at work for me. First I had a Christmas pub lunch with the test department as I spent the first six months of the year there, and then yesterday we had a … Continue reading

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