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Installing a 32bit chroot in Debian

My home PC is an AMD64 box, so when I installed linux I installed 64 bit Debian (why not use the power I can get from the hardware I have bought). Unfortunately there are several programs that don’t exist in … Continue reading

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Taking gig photos

I promised I would write up a bit about my experiences taking photos at gigs, so here it is. Before I get too far in, I have not taken photos at many gigs, so this is a beginners perspective to … Continue reading

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The Rivers of Sound

On Sunday night I was invited to take photos for a friends band – The Rivers of Sound, who were playing in the Wedgewood rooms. It was quite a lot of fun, as I have never taken photos for a … Continue reading

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Life in level 3 service

So I have had a few days to start settling in to Message Broker Level 3 Service. So far I have only managed two PMR’s (Problem Maintenance Request – what the customer opens when they have a problem with our … Continue reading

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Bladder problems?

Can anyone explain to me why someone would steal a urinal from a pub? BBC NEWS – Thief steals urinal from city pub

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lmsensors in Debian

I was searching for how to get lmsensors running, and came a cross this Howto at It says it all really. For a crash course, try: sudo apt-get install lm-sensors sensord hddtemp sensors-applet ksensors gkrellm sudo /usr/sbin/sensors-detect Then fire … Continue reading

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