Broker Explorer (IS02) v3 released

The support pac is compatible with MQExplorer v602 and above and can be downloaded here

It provides a single point for administering your Message Brokers and can be used side by side with your current Message Broker Toolkit. The Broker Explorer (IS02) has the following features…

  • DataPower Wizard used to configure a DataPower box to handle WS Security for your HTTP(S) Input Nodes.
  • Accounting and Statistics charting for graphing your real-time broker statistics.
  • Small/ lightweight download and installation
  • Configuration managers viewed under Queue Managers
  • Ability to connect to remote configuration managers and to show its controlled brokers
  • Show/ hide configuration managers.
  • Tidy a configuration managers state preference. (selecting this and then connecting to a configuration manager causes a clean sweep algorithm to attempt to reconcile all brokers known to the configuration manager. Interactively tidying the configuration managers tables. This is off by default but can be turned on in the “Windows -> preferences -> Broker Explorer” preference page)
  • Import/ export v5, v6 *.configmgr files.
  • Full MQ security configuration manager connection
  • Addition of flow resources
  • Show/ hide flow resources
  • Full “Event Log” view support with filtering tied to the MQExplorer selection
  • Save “Event Log” view
  • Clear “Event Log” events
  • Deploy to multiple execution groups
  • Double click on a BAR to inspect it
  • Full service trace controlled from “Service Trace” preference pages. (Using AspectJ)
  • Multi threading with all non UI tasks running in background tasks
  • Ships with complete working MB documentation.
  • Ships with EOU Default Configuration Wizard and samples
  • Brokers state saved between sessions. (Uses EMF model framework persistence)

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