Canon EOS 40D announced

Canon EOS 40D, previewed: Digital Photography Review

I have been holding off buying a new camera to see what this one would be like. I have to say, it looks worth the extra money.

The large sensor and self cleaning are one thing, but the live shooting mode (shoot through screen like a compact digital camera) looks incredible… I will be spending a while hunting for the best price on this camera.

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3 Responses to Canon EOS 40D announced

  1. Announced != released 😉

    Amazon (US) had a release date of 20th September, so probably early to mid-October before it starts shipping in any decent quantities.

    Canon UK’s SRP is £900, so don’t expect to see UK stock much under £800 this side of Christmas 🙁

    Looks good though, but could have done with being released about six months ago – especially as Sony have just announced their new APS-C format sensor/processing solution capable of 10 frames per second, which offers the possibility of a prosumer-priced camera with a feature-set close to that of the 1DMkIII.

  2. Anton says:

    Thanks, corrected – announced, not released
    Am thinking of duty free when I am in Australia in october…
    I have invested too much in lenses to move to another brand. 10fps i probably don’t need, though I am sure if I had it I would find a use for it 🙂

  3. Well, with me, you and Phil all interested in a 40D, maybe we can get a bulk discount! 🙂

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