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England Has Laziest Students In Europe

England Has Laziest Students In Europe – Yahoo! News UK I think I did the wrong degree – I studied a lot more than the average student. Then again, I am employed – not sure media studies would have helped … Continue reading

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Trent Reznor says “Steal my CD”

Trent Reznor told fans in Australia to “steal his CD” after he noticed the high prices of CD’s there. The video is on YouTube I remember The Offspring trying to give away their album online and their record label not … Continue reading

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Panasonic DMC-L10

I had the pleasure of going to the the a special event for the Panasonic DMC-L10. The event was run by Panasonic, and held in the Tower of London and they had several bloggers along to review their new entry … Continue reading

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Selective greyscale in The GIMP

I decided to make a selective greyscale image in The GIMP, and as lots of friends say to me that they would like to use The GIMP more but don’t know how, I thought I would write a bit of … Continue reading

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Two robbers shot in bank robbery

BBC NEWS | England | Hampshire | Two robbers shot in bank robbery I drive along that road every day… I had no idea Chandlers Ford was so dangerous?!

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How shit happens

The Plan In the beginning was the Plan. And then came the Assumptions. And the Assumptions were without form. And darkness was upon the face of the Workers. And they spoke among themselves, saying, “It is a crock of shit, … Continue reading

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