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Canon cashback offer

As part of their EOS 20th anniversary, Canon are running a cashback offer util the end of December. If you bought (or are going to buy) any Canon SLR equipment its worth checking to see if you can get some … Continue reading

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Southampton Common

I went for a walk about a week ago around Southampton common just before sunset. I didnt want to take a big camera, as the point was to go for a walk and then on to the pub on the … Continue reading

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Photo of the week

I have decided that I will try to post an interesting photo each week, along with details of how I shot it and the difficulties faced. This is both to force me to try and take some photos in a … Continue reading

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Colourful computer portraits

I saw a post on Strobist with a wonderful video showing a shoot of a portrait of a computer user. The photographer uses two off camera flashes with coloured filters and a snoot to produce some wonderful lighting The final … Continue reading

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Moo Greeting Cards

I have entered some of my photos into the holiday cards competition. For every pack of cards sold, they are donating 1$ to the Médecins Sans Frontières charity. I chose the following photos to enter, if you want a … Continue reading

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The problem with moving photos

I am moving my photos into Flickr (at quite a slow pace to be honest) and as I pay per GB for my hosting here, I figured I could finally remove my photos from this site and just link to … Continue reading

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