Monthly Archives: January 2008

Laptop X config broke over xmas

I got back to work yesterday to find that my laptop no longer started X properly. I spent ages trying to get X working again with the ati, fglrx and radeon drivers with no luck. I noticed initially that the … Continue reading

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Duke Nukem Forever Teaser

I remember playing the old Duke Nukem’s. They were great fun. Duke Nukem Forever though has been a long time in the making (11 years I think)… Everyone is wondering if it can live up to the hype… 3D Realms … Continue reading

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The sharp details

While a friend was staying with me a few days ago, we decided to get out the macro camera gear. We wandered around the house looking for something that took our fancy, and came across a couple of cacti I … Continue reading

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The sea at night

While in Northern Ireland for Christmas I slipped out to the coast to get a night shot. I really love the long exposure of the sea… The photo would probably have been better taken a bit earlier while the sky … Continue reading

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