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Infrared Workflow

The photo right out of the camera looks incredibly red. I use Bibble to convert my raw files – during the conversion I set the white balance to “click white”, and select somewhere on the grass or a leaf. The … Continue reading

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Air Miles in 2007

I was reading on a friends blog a while ago about air miles (I have forgotten who now), and wondered how many air miles I did last year… According to my flights last year totaled 23,000 air miles. Quite … Continue reading

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64bit java woes…

 One of the last annoyances with running 64bit linux is the fact that there are no java plugins available. I have 64bit firefox (well, iceweasel) with flash (using nspluginwrapper which allows the 32 bit version to work) but java is … Continue reading

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More infrared fun

 A quick walk last weekend yielded some wonderful IR photos – I still can’t decide whether I prefer the red of the blue sky though  

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Converting a Canon 300D to Infrared

I got my replacement hot mirror filter, IR-cut glass, from and following their instructions for a 300D .

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The Mother of all Telephotos

If you have $100,000 spare and like zoom lenses, you may want to think about this one: The Mother of all Telephotos | B&H Photo Video If you’re into bird watching, the holy grail would have to be the Ivory-Billed … Continue reading

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