Converting a Canon 300D to Infrared

I got my replacement hot mirror filter, IR-cut glass, from and following their instructions for a 300D

300d infrared conversion 300d infrared conversion 300d infrared conversion .

The disassembly is fairly straightforward, without any big problems – Just be careful which ribbon cable clips flip up rather than pull out and you should be fine.

300d infrared conversion 300d infrared conversion

Removing the hot mirror glass from the plastic mount frame however was rather difficult. Cutting the adhesive was really hard and I managed to scratch and chip the glass, as well as snap two plastic lugs off the frame (superglue fixed these, and I don’t plan to reuse the glass).

300d infrared conversion 300d infrared conversion

I needed to scrape a lot of adhesive out of the plastic frame before the new glass would fit in, as it was a very tight fit. Applying the silcone was rather trying as well – I ended up using a toothpick and trying to be really careful. In the end there were still smudges on the glass, but they don’t seem to affect the final images too much.

300d infrared conversion 300d infrared conversion

Reassembly was tiring, as reconnecting some of the ribbon cables was really fiddly – especially when I popped one of the clips off of a connector (that was really hard to get back on). The first time I reassembled the camera, I obviously had a ribbon cable in wrong, as the shutter starting going as soon as the battery was in. By the third attempt it worked, although the colour LCD screen on the back looks fuzzy at times, and some parts of the menu can be hard to read – not that reviewing the images on the screen helps much (it is tiny, and all I use it for is the histogram which is perfectly readable).

300d infrared conversion 300d infrared conversion

I am not sure I would advise doing this conversion yourself – I found it very frustrating at times, and I think getting lifepixel to do it for you would yield better quality images. I guess it depends how good quality images you want. If you dont mind risking ruining the camera (theyre only worth £120 on ebay at the time of writing) then go for it yourself (its a lot cheaper). If you are doing it on a more recent camera model then I definitely suggest you send it off to be done for you.

300d infrared conversion 300d infrared conversion

The old hot mirror filter is interesting in itself – It is blue glass with a red coating on the lens facing side. It creates some wonderful coloured reflections

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11 Responses to Converting a Canon 300D to Infrared

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  2. Mike says:

    What brand of silicone did you use? I cant seem to find one with an applicator that will work (with a fine point)

  3. Anton says:

    I just used ordinary black silicone and applied it carefully with a matchstick – The glass was fairly well wedged in already, so all I had to do was block out stray light

  4. steppermar says:

    save to my Bookmarks )

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  6. cresteUsend says:


  7. Alex says:

    save to bookmark)

  8. Agnes says:

    Added to my RSS, Thanks!

  9. Graham W says:

    I had Lifepixel convert my 300D and it was the best choice I ever made! I wouldn’t think of sending my newer 400D or 40D across the continent for this work.

  10. Raul Lopez says:

    Wonderful!! I’ve a question I would thanks if you could give me your oppinion.
    Why do you need the 200€ filter? it is not posible to let without IR internal filter and use one external?

  11. Anton Piatek says:

    You can, but then you can’t see with the filter on. If you don’t remove the internal filter then your IR exposure times are very long

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