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Open Source software and Software Patents working together :: Software patents underlie a novel open source business model (video) “Software patents are evil.” Ask almost any free or open source software advocate, and they’ll tell you that software patents kill creativity and keep computer science from advancing … Continue reading

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Picasa updated on linux

Google has released a new version of Picasa for linux – It’s been a long time in the making, as the linux version has been behind the Windows one for ages

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Remote support for my family

Andy Piper write about Remote PC support for family members a while ago, and I remember playing with the single click reverse vnc, based on ultravnc. However I dont run windows often, so the idea died. Today I played with … Continue reading

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Web based photoshop

So Adobe has released their web based photoshop. Its not a full photoshop (unsurprisingly) but it is free and available anywhere you have a browser. I tried it out – First I was annoyed by the “US only” thing at … Continue reading

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I noticed that Yahoo recently started offering OpenID authentication as part of a Yahoo account, this means you can now use your Yahoo Id or Flickr account to authenticate for comments on this blog. Of course I had to install … Continue reading

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They Told You Not To Reply

Security Fix has an interesting article on the owner of the domain When businesses want to communicate with their customers via e-mail, many send messages with a bogus return address, e.g. “” The practice is meant to communicate to … Continue reading

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