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PIC Microchip programming under debian

A while ago I bought a PICkit2 programmer, including 16f690 PIC. I installed piklab and sdcc (in Debian repositories) and got it working pretty easily. I did play with the programmer that came with it (mplab, windows only), which upgraded … Continue reading

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iPod Classic with Amarok on Linux

When I first bought my iPod classic, Amarok hadn’t yet got support for the new SHA1 hashing that was being done in the song db. Then it was only in cvs, and while I remember compiling from source I don’t … Continue reading

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Mottisfont Abbey

A few weeks ago, when the weather was excellent, I went to Mottisfont Abbey trying to make the most of my National Trust membership. In case you want to go, the following point on the map is a little more … Continue reading

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software raid1 and lvm on debian etch

Background I have a fileserver box, which currently has 2x200GB disks in lvm to give me a 400GB virtual disk. This arrangement gets good use of space, but if one disk has a failure, then the whole filesystem is trashed … Continue reading

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Get more out of Gmail

I stumbled across this post on the Official Gmail Blog: 2 hidden ways to get more from your Gmail address It is an absolute must read if you use Gmail

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Random Photos

I stumbled over these photos the other day, and decided I really liked them. I couldn’t remember if I had posted them up here, so decided to post them anyway

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