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Recent Photos

I thought it’s about time I mentioned the photos I have been taking recently Some are random (as seen below) I also snapped a close-up of some ants and other insects (aphids?)) eating at the stem of my sunflower. I … Continue reading

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Bank scams by phone

UserFriendly has 2 fabulous comic strips on Bank scams by phone (the kind where someone phones you up and pretends to be your bank in order to get secure information by asking you to “confirm” some details) Cartoon 1, Cartoon … Continue reading

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BMW Gina

Theres an interesting buzz at the moment on a new BMW concept car which has a shell made of some sort of rubber fabric. Theres a short articlt on Top Gear And theres a wonderful video on Youtube

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WordPress, k2, openid

I use the k2 theme for this wordpress blog. I used to write my own, but k2 is much, much neater. I also use the openid plugin for wordpress. (I wrote about openid’s before) To get the two to play … Continue reading

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The Decisive Photograper – Bert Stephani

Bert Stephani (Confessions of a Photographer) has done two very interesting posts as part of a workshop he ran titled “The Decisive Photograper” – Live Shoot Outdoor and Live Shoot Indoor make for fantastic reading if you want to know … Continue reading

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Petition to reduce fuel duty

I suppose it was only a matter of time given the current prices of petrol in the UK Petition to: Reduce Fuel duty to bring fuel prices back to an acceptable level []

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