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Flying the easy way?

Last weekend I flew back to Northern Ireland for my sister-in-law’s 30th birthday. We thought about it too late to fly from Southampton with FlyBE, and it was rediculously expensive, so we booked with Easyjet to fly from Gatwick, which … Continue reading

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EA Hit with Class Action Lawsuit over Spore DRM

EA Hit with Class Action Lawsuit over Spore DRM …a class action lawsuit has been filed against Electronic Arts in federal court, which alleges the company defrauds its customers by not disclosing the installation of SecuROM copy protection as part … Continue reading

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Change Your Name and Avoid the TSA Watchlist

It seems so obvious – how is a list of names going to stop terrorists? Surely after being told they cannot fly they will just change their name. Schneier on Security: Change Your Name and Avoid the TSA Watchlist Or … Continue reading

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Error reading drive c:\

So about a week ago I was deleting some files from my USB key, and the delete failed. So I tried the command line, then with sudo on the command line. I was surprised to see a message like “UID … Continue reading

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Codename of next Debian release – squeeze

Debian has announced the codename of the next release to follow Lenny. Continuing the scheme of naming releases after toy story characters, the next release will be called squeeze after the three-eyed space alien. Official announcement

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I have had spore nearly a week now, and have been totally hooked. The game is absolutely fabulous, and I am really enjoying it. My only complaint is that the first 4 sections (cell, creature/pack, tribe, civilisation) are shorter than … Continue reading

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