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Debian annouces fixed date release cycles

I seem to recall Mark Shuttlework saying in an interview (possibly for Linux Format, possibly somewhere else) that he wanted to work with Debian to get fixed release cycles to help the Debian->Ubuntu porting efforts – It looks like he … Continue reading

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Finding your nearest post box

Having just moved house, I have loads of things to post (via snail mail). A large number of these are change of address details for way too many companies. I couldn’t find anything on Royal Mail’s website, nor the Post … Continue reading

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Painting takes too long

So having actually moved in to my new house at the beginning of the month, you would have thought I would be settled and have more time for blogging… You would be wrong – We decided we wanted some new … Continue reading

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Broadband speed comparison – Be vs Virgin

I have just moved house, and changed internet provider to Virgin (simply because they could have the internet connected in about 2 days, which is faster than getting even a BT line installed). I did some quick speed tests to … Continue reading

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My first house

It’s been a bit quiet here lately, and the main reason for that is I have just bought my first house. The months of back-and-forth with solicitors is finally over and I have the keys – YAY! It didn’t help … Continue reading

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