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powerline networking

After moving into our new house, I contemplated running a pile of ethernet cables before we got the new carpets laid, as I have always had issues with wireless. In the end I didn’t find the time to rip up … Continue reading

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Virgin broadband – not so fast!

I wrote a while ago about the speed of virgin broadband vs. Be but my internet has been feeling rather slow recently… So I decided to take another speed test. For reference the previous test got 9Mb/s download and 0.49Mb/s … Continue reading

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Standing Hat

We bough a book on Hampshire and New Forest walks about a year ago, and finally actually did one of the walks in the New Forest. We did a really nice walk from Standing Hat, Balmerlawn near Brokenhurst. The walk … Continue reading

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Sore backside

About a year ago I decided I should do some cycling again, having not really cycled for quite a few years. We went and bought helmets (as mine no longer fitted – yes, that long ago) but then I decided … Continue reading

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They have the technology

8pm Tuesday night, and I am watching some trash on TV (or maybe it was a dvd – I don’t remember). There is a knock at the door, and I open it to find an ID card for the TV … Continue reading

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Ubuntu Global Jam

I recently noticed that 2nd-4th October is Ubuntu Global Jam. There is actually a meetup in Birmingham: Ubuntu Global Jam – Birmingham (UK) – Source Guru So, if you’re interested in helping make Ubuntu a better distro, and live in … Continue reading

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