Garmin Etrex-H on Ubuntu

Last month my wife got me a Garmin Etrex-H walking GPS for my birthday. On friday my usb data cable from Kawa Mall (bought via ebay) arrived.

Getting data from the gps was trivial with gpsbabel (thought you might find it easier to use the gebabbel gui frontend and getting a track uploaded to a Google Map was easy via gpsvisualizer. I have not yet managed to upload a route with waypoints to the gps device yet though.

I am also unsure which software will be easiest to plot a route in. Marengo looks like a possible choice, as a web route planner, or possibly I can do it with Google Earth, or QLandKarte (though I would need to find or generate a calibrated map for this) which can read and write the gps device directly (again using gpsbabel)

Has anyone got recommendations for gps track editing software as well as route planning software?

Bluemonki has some geotagging voodoo that I need to look at so I can start recording where my photos were taken which should be interesting

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8 Responses to Garmin Etrex-H on Ubuntu

  1. Graham White says:

    There are some GPS software suggestions on the geocaching site at

  2. Sebastian Leenen says:

    Dear Publisher,

    I have an etrex H myself and use Ubuntu 9.10. Gut the same Cable as you recently to Germany.
    I got the cable to run on windows which I am personally not use, but cable and etrex do both work. I cannot get it to run on Ubuntu though and I know there has to be a driver to convert usb to serial. What are you using there since you were not mentioning the step of driver- installation?

  3. Anton Piatek says:

    Sebastian – I didn’t need a driver at all. The device appeared as a generic serial-to-usb interface, and I just had to point my software (gpsbabel etc) to use the device (I think it was /dev/ttyUSB0 but check `dmesg` after plugging in the cable to see what where the driver decided to load it)

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  5. GPS Navigationssysteme says:

    I’m amazed and happy to say that garmin products is of high quality albeit the price is also a bit high but it’s worth paying.

  6. Dong Weakly says:

    I attempted a subscription to all your feed, but had a difficulty adding it to google reader. Could you please check this out.

  7. Nice introduce!I recently have new choice to get GPS stuff.I have new car and I wanted very fastgps toolsto require travel by car.

  8. Anton Piatek says:

    @Dong Thanks for pointing that out – should be fixed now

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