It feels like a new house!

We had some trees removed yesterday, mostly because of their proximity to the house, but they did block a lot of light. Some of the before and after shots really give a striking contrast of how the trees change the property.

We need some time to get used to the new look, but will probably end up planting something, probably some trees (oh, the irony of getting rid of trees to plant some), though certainly nothing like the ones we had. Something smaller and more decorative maybe, if it doesn’t block too much light. Of course keeping it pruned is probably the most important thing to stop them overgrowing like the old ones.


P1010144 P1010151

P1010143 P1010152


P1010145 P1010150


There are also a few shots partway through:


P1010147 P1010146

P1010149 P1010148

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