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The Myth of the Genius Programmer

YouTube recently suggested this video to me, being several years old you may have seen it, but if you haven’t then I also recommend watching it. It is an interesting talk on the idea of a genius programmer, and will … Continue reading

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building a pc case from wood

Towards the end of last year we changed broadband to Virgin and it worked out the same price we were paying before to get TV included. This presented a small problem, as the new Virgin Tivo box didn’t fit in … Continue reading

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White bee

At the pub in Hursley on Friday, a white bee landed on the table outside. An unusual colour, I think it might be an andrena cineraria, a type of miner bee. Ive never seen one before, but it was quite … Continue reading

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Southackton meetup on Thursday

The Southackton group had a pretty good meetup last thursday. Lots of fun things going on. There were walking robots, autonomous wheeled robots, RF hacking of LightWaveRF remote control systems, arduinos, raspberry pis and more. Also, there was cake!

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Cycling in 2012

Looking back over last year, I really tried to get into a regular pattern of cycling to work. Some good weeks and some bad added up to 31 days over the year, which sounds somewhat disappointing. 341 miles cycled to … Continue reading

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It’s the 2013 New Year!!!!

It’s the 2013 New Year!!!!

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