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BT Infinity – Initial Speed

The engineer has just left and I now have BT Infinity broadband. The speed below will probably fluctuate (a lot) over the next few days, but 36Mbit/s is pretty impressive: Certainly an improvement from my previous Virgin broadband

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Not X-Factor for Xmas No 1…

So, some of you may have heard of the campaign for getting Rage Against the Machine to no1 in the UK charts for Christmas. If you want to take part, have a look at the Facebook page for where you … Continue reading

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Waving with Google

I have been playing with Google Wave for about a week, and while it is interesting I have not really had enough time with it to write up much here yet. If you are on Wave, you can find me … Continue reading

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Virgin broadband – not so fast!

I wrote a while ago about the speed of virgin broadband vs. Be but my internet has been feeling rather slow recently… So I decided to take another speed test. For reference the previous test got 9Mb/s download and 0.49Mb/s … Continue reading

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finallyfast.co.uk – scam or useful service?

I recently saw an ad on tv for finallyfast.co.uk which offers a “pc speedup service”. The ad immediately made me think it was a scam because of the way it was done. A quick google shows I am not alone: … Continue reading

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Did Marx predct the bank bailouts?

I got the following email recently and it got me wondering… We are on the way comrade “Owners of capital will stimulate the working class to buy more and more of expensive goods, houses and technology, pushing them to take … Continue reading

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