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finallyfast.co.uk – scam or useful service?

I recently saw an ad on tv for finallyfast.co.uk which offers a “pc speedup service”. The ad immediately made me think it was a scam because of the way it was done. A quick google shows I am not alone: … Continue reading

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The Secret Lives of Ubuntu and Debian Users

The Secret Lives of Ubuntu and Debian Users is an article which looks at the package install and use date from the popularity-contest package. There are some interesting conclusions that can be drawn from this data: The Ubuntu results list … Continue reading

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Top 10 Most Pirated Games of 2008

Even with the terrible DRM shipped with Spore – 1.7 million pirated downloads in 3 months is one hell of a figure… Top 10 Most Pirated Games of 2008 | TorrentFreak As 2008 is slowly moving toward its end, we … Continue reading

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software raid1 and lvm on debian etch

Background I have a fileserver box, which currently has 2x200GB disks in lvm to give me a 400GB virtual disk. This arrangement gets good use of space, but if one disk has a failure, then the whole filesystem is trashed … Continue reading

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Installing/Updating WordPress with Subversion

So, as there is a new version of WordPress (2.5.1) which has some serious security fixes, I thought I would move my blog to running from svn. This doesnt mean I am running bleeding edge code, it just means updating … Continue reading

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Open Source software and Software Patents working together

Linux.com :: Software patents underlie a novel open source business model (video) “Software patents are evil.” Ask almost any free or open source software advocate, and they’ll tell you that software patents kill creativity and keep computer science from advancing … Continue reading

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