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Fixing broken LVM and Sofware Raid on Linux

I have been building a backup pc our of mostly spare parts, including several old disks. To get the most reliability and space our of the disks, which are all different sizes, I decided to use software raid to mirror … Continue reading

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O2 Joggler

My O2 Joggler just arrived and it is quite an interesting piece of kit. I’ve not had much time to play with it yet, but the O2 software stack seems a bit limited. Google calendar can be installed, but no … Continue reading

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dpatch – using patch files in Debian packaging

I do a fair bit  of packaging of Debian and Ubuntu packages at work, often having to make tweaks to upstream packages. I used to just hack the upstream source directly, but have now discovered dpatch. dpatch is a clever … Continue reading

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Ubuntu Global Jam

I recently noticed that 2nd-4th October is Ubuntu Global Jam. There is actually a meetup in Birmingham: Ubuntu Global Jam – Birmingham (UK) – Source Guru So, if you’re interested in helping make Ubuntu a better distro, and live in … Continue reading

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If you run a Debian or Ubuntu system and have more than one release in your apt-sources file (/etc/apt/sources.list) then you should probably learn the basics of apt-pinning. Apt-pinning allows you to have a specific package stay at a certain … Continue reading

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The Secret Lives of Ubuntu and Debian Users

The Secret Lives of Ubuntu and Debian Users is an article which looks at the package install and use date from the popularity-contest package. There are some interesting conclusions that can be drawn from this data: The Ubuntu results list … Continue reading

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