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WordPress, k2, openid

I use the k2 theme for this wordpress blog. I used to write my own, but k2 is much, much neater. I also use the openid plugin for wordpress. (I wrote about openid’s before) To get the two to play … Continue reading

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Installing/Updating WordPress with Subversion

So, as there is a new version of WordPress (2.5.1) which has some serious security fixes, I thought I would move my blog to running from svn. This doesnt mean I am running bleeding edge code, it just means updating … Continue reading

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posting images from flickr in wordpress 2.5

I just upgraded this blog to the latest wordpress (2.5), and found that my flickr posting plugin had broken. I had a look at the code, but despite being pretty quick to figure out what needed changing, a new version … Continue reading

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