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Fixing broken LVM and Sofware Raid on Linux

I have been building a backup pc our of mostly spare parts, including several old disks. To get the most reliability and space our of the disks, which are all different sizes, I decided to use software raid to mirror … Continue reading

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dpatch – using patch files in Debian packaging

I do a fair bit ¬†of packaging of Debian and Ubuntu packages at work, often having to make tweaks to upstream packages. I used to just hack the upstream source directly, but have now discovered dpatch. dpatch is a clever … Continue reading

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Linux User Group @ Hursley

On Saturday I hosted a group for 30 people at IBM Hursley for a Hampshire Linux User Group meeting. We had a good set of talks, including Andy Stanford-Clark talking about his twittering house and mousetraps as well as the … Continue reading

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Debian annouces fixed date release cycles

I seem to recall Mark Shuttlework saying in an interview (possibly for Linux Format, possibly somewhere else) that he wanted to work with Debian to get fixed release cycles to help the Debian->Ubuntu porting efforts – It looks like he … Continue reading

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Google chrome on linux

A colleague from uni who now works for google wrote a brief post about google chrome, which has just been released for linux and he is working on it. I decided to grab a copy and try it out. I … Continue reading

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Moving from debian+kde to ubuntu+gnome

I have been using Debian for quite a long time, and it has been my primary OS on my work laptop for about the last 3 years. Recently software suspend (sleep) started having problems where it often did not come … Continue reading

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