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Frequently Asked Questions about the GNU GPL

I have been flicking through the following FAQ on the GNU GPL: Frequently Asked Questions about the GNU GPL – GNU Project – Free Software Foundation (FSF). I am trying to understand the risks that we are told about regularly … Continue reading

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Upgrading cyanogenmod

I previously wrote about rooting a HTC Desire and installing CyanogenMod 7. A month or so ago, a new CyanogenMod rom was released, and I finally found the time to upgrade it. Of course I first did a full backup, … Continue reading

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Guest presenting on the Ubuntu UK PodCast

I was a guest presenter on this weeks Ubuntu UK PodCast. I talked about Southackton, and IBM’s use of Ubuntu on the desktop. Listen to the podcast at

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Rooting and upgrading a HTC Desire to android 2.3 (CyanogenMod 7)

I started writing this as I was actually doing this to my phone. The problem I found with most existing instructions is they seem to slightly contradict other instructions you find. Many have steps which are not well laid out and often … Continue reading

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Fix your Arduino Uno for Linux

Are you using an Arduino Uno on Linux? If so, you may have noticed that writing to the serial port in a loop can cause the Arduino Editor/Programmer software to appear to lock up, or even Linux having trouble using … Continue reading

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Ubuntu in Business

On Tuesday I attended the Ubuntu in Business event run by the Ubuntu UK Community and Canonical, and unlike Proactive Paul I really enjoyed the day and thought it was a success. I will agree and say that there should have … Continue reading

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