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Reduce wordpress comment spam with .htaccess rules

I get quite a lot of spam comments on my wordpress blog, and even with things like akismet to try and detect and block spam I still get a lot. Some people have suggested using a mod_rewrite rule in apache … Continue reading

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Running a personal server

Maybe you read some of my posts on software raid and lvm, or maybe you have a spare pc lying around and want a box you can use as a small personal server and are wondering about some tips for … Continue reading

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Oli Lemieux trampoline

Google Reader recommended this post onĀ Gizmodo – it is the most incredible video of trampoline work I have ever seen

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Dishwasher + Keyboard = ?

My keyboard at work has been getting too dirty, so I started thinking about how to clean it. A colleague suggested that a dishwasher works fine, so I put it on the top shelf of the dishwasher with the plug … Continue reading

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powerline networking

After moving into our new house, I contemplated running a pile of ethernet cables before we got the new carpets laid, as I have always had issues with wireless. In the end I didn’t find the time to rip up … Continue reading

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Sore backside

About a year ago I decided I should do some cycling again, having not really cycled for quite a few years. We went and bought helmets (as mine no longer fitted – yes, that long ago) but then I decided … Continue reading

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