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Time is short. (Or why piracy is not the problem)

We are constantly being bombarded by claims that the music and film industries are being destroyed by rampant piracy eating away at their profits. This whole argument really annoys me, and partly because of the following really well illustrated point. … Continue reading

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BCC releases iplayer desktop for linux

BBC recently announced that iplayer now supports downloads on windows an linux, in the form of iplayer desktop. You can get started on the iplayer labs page. So I decided to try it out… First I had trouble upgrading flash … Continue reading

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Digital rights, digital wrongs

Cory Doctorow has written 3 articles for The Guardian about DRM: Digital rights, digital wrongs is a wonderful summary of why DRM is doomed to fail

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Ten “inconvenient truths” about file-swapping

I saw the following article about the “10 inconvenient truths about file-swapping” that was released by the EU’s IFPI (music industry group) and had to make my own comments… IFPI: Ten “inconvenient truths” about file-swapping Pirate Bay, one of the … Continue reading

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I have now watched all 5 Batman films. The first one (in storyline chronological order) is the latest one released – Batman Begins. All films are brilliant but quite different in their directing. Tim Burton made Batman and Batman Returns … Continue reading

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9 Laws of Physics That Don’t Apply in Hollywood

Ever wondered what Hollywood makes up for your entertainment? This list is the most common laws of physics that are ignored in movies, from exploding cards to sound in space. Neatorama » 9 Laws of Physics That Don’t Apply in … Continue reading

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