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Time is short. (Or why piracy is not the problem)

We are constantly being bombarded by claims that the music and film industries are being destroyed by rampant piracy eating away at their profits. This whole argument really annoys me, and partly because of the following really well illustrated point. … Continue reading

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Not X-Factor for Xmas No 1…

So, some of you may have heard of the campaign for getting Rage Against the Machine to no1 in the UK charts for Christmas. If you want to take part, have a look at the Facebook page for where you … Continue reading

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Amazon UK online music store opens

Amazon UK recently launched their online music store, which seemed top open much quieter than I would have expected. It did make national radio (Radio 1) on my way home from work, however they were more interested in the fact … Continue reading

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Change Your Name and Avoid the TSA Watchlist

It seems so obvious – how is a list of names going to stop terrorists? Surely after being told they cannot fly they will just change their name. Schneier on Security: Change Your Name and Avoid the TSA Watchlist Or … Continue reading

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iPod Classic with Amarok on Linux

When I first bought my iPod classic, Amarok hadn’t yet got support for the new SHA1 hashing that was being done in the song db. Then it was only in cvs, and while I remember compiling from source I don’t … Continue reading

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Online music sharing

tech, haveĀ  an article on Trent Reznor releaseing his new NIN album free online. Following RadioHead’s success with their online alblum, you can download the first 9 tracks for free, and have the rest as mp3’s for $5 – I … Continue reading

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