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Kindle-ing a desire to read

This post was originally drafted in May when I actually bought my kindle – I finally got round to actually publishing it… Earlier this year I finally gave in. I felt a moment of regret about buying into an enormous … Continue reading

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Who came up with eBook pricing

Seriously… Who decided how to price eBooks? A friend at work recently recommended I read Richard Morgan’s Altered Carbon. The Kindle app on android allowed me to find it quickly and download the first 3 chapters free to read – … Continue reading

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eBooks on Android

Since buying an Android phone I have been starting to think about using it to read books. The screen isn’t bad, and it turns out that there is some good software out there Aldiko is a fantastic program for reading … Continue reading

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Book review: Python 3 for Absolute Beginners

Python 3 for Absolute Beginners, Tim Hall and J-P Stacey, Apress (ISBN: 978-1-4302-1632-2) Disclaimer: I was asked to review this book through the Hampshire Linux User Group. I did not receive any instruction for the outcome of the review nor … Continue reading

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The saga of seven suns

It has been a little quiet here lately, the reason being is I have been completely consumed by reading the saga of seven suns by Kevin J Anderson. It is a seven book series of sci-fi, and I was completely … Continue reading

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Photography and the Law – A photographers rights

Photojojo has an article on photographers rights:¬† Photography and The Law: Know Your Rights It looks like a good read. If you are in the UK like me, I strongly suggest you also read¬† which is UK specific. Its … Continue reading

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