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Innocent photographer or terrorist?

The BBC has an article titled Innocent photographer or terrorist? I wrote before about the rights you have as a photographer

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Tightening ‘Anti-Terrorism’ Censorship in Australia

The prospective widening of Australia’s censorship laws to crackdown on material that advocates terrorism has alarmed civil society groups. “The proposed changes raise fundamental problems by infringing on the right to free speech,” says Stephen Blanks, secretary of the New … Continue reading

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RFID passports secure?

If you thought the new UK RFID passports are secure, then you need to see the following article which says otherwise: Cracked it! – Guardian Unlimited Suffice to say, I will be carrying mine in a foil wallet when I … Continue reading

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Debian and Mozilla Firefox followup

Following from my previous post about Mozilla Firefox and Debian, there has been a very thorough and good blog post about the whole thing. Facts about Debian and Mozilla® Firefox® explains the whole problem very clearly. Definetely worth a read!

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Schneier has a wonderful link to – election consultants He questions whether it is a hoax or not, but it is hard to say…

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Online Identity verification

So I had to fill out a tax return a few months ago as I had done some self-employed work over the summer. I probably could have got away with not bothering, but didn’t really want to try cheating the … Continue reading

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