Students think mainframes are cool

According to The Register, Students think mainframes are cool

Bit of a shock, though I do wish I could have had the chance to play with them at uni… I am struggling to find time to learn much about them during work so it will probably be a slow road to actually using them.

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2 Responses to Students think mainframes are cool

  1. andyp says:

    Your link is very broken.

    I’m pleased, but astonished.

    In my first job, there were 8 of us graduates joining an organisation heavily into mainframes. I ended up in one of the distributed teams, but a couple of the others ended up learning COBOL programming. I was forced through training in TSO and various other wacky things, thinking “urgh! how horrible!”.

    I’ve learned the error of my ways now, of course. I remain a distributed platforms person. However, with Message Broker taking centre stage in a lot of SOA projects, I’ve learned much about copybooks, and the benefits of running enterprise systems on servers that never go down…

  2. Anton says:

    Thanks for that. WordPress’ “Blog This” links have been behaving funny recently… I think there is something wrong with them.

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