BlueFusion 2007 – Done!

Thursday was the last day of this years Blue Fusion event. Friday was clearing and packing up, and the whole week even has left me quite exhausted. I will try and write a few posts to cover the activities we ran, but most of my time will be spent catching up with my day job and preparing to hand over the running of Blue Fusion to the new leads team, which will be chosen over the next few months from the recent graduates to Hursley who organised this years event. There were a lot of things we needed to know about this year- but didn’t, and I hope to make sure that we write all that down for next year’s team so that they have it a bit easier.

All in all I really enjoyed managing the event, and would probably consider doing it again if I were asked. Next year I think I might get involved with the development of an activity, possibly a computer based one…

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