Sore backside

About a year ago I decided I should do some cycling again, having not really cycled for quite a few years.

We went and bought helmets (as mine no longer fitted – yes, that long ago) but then I decided my bike really needed a service. So I borrowed a pile of tools from my dad and started dismantling nearly every part of my bike to give it a full service. I regreased all the bearings, which probably needed it as they grease had completely dried up.

Yesterday I finally finished by putting back together the rear wheel (it turned out I had assembled the rear axle the wrong way round and it didn’t fit properly). We popped out for a short 30 minute ride around eastleigh park, which was great fun. It turns out I only have 2/3 of my gears as the front changer needs more adjusting (not sure how I didn’t notice that before setting out).

The only problem was that at the end of it, I had quite a sore backside from my rock-solid seat. We were planning on taking the bikes to the New Forest today, but it was just too sore (not to mention that a bike rack for the car is rather expensive, and the cheap rear-mounted ones require a numberplate and indicator light board on the back, which is a real pain).

Hopefully will find a way to fit them in the boot on another weekend and actually try out some of the many cycle trails around the New Forest

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